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Connecting Vendors to Reseller Partners through Distribution

Faster and easier!

Why We're


Reseller Partners


Resellers prefer to purchase your products

through a large distributor.



Disties want your products, but can't onboard you quickly and give you the time needed to nurture your transition.

Vendors need help with the culture change when moving to 2-tier distribution as well as navigating large organizations.
Why We're Here


DistiNow is a service company dedicated to bringing emerging vendors into IT distribution, both hardware and software, in order to access Reseller Channel Partners more cost-effectively. 

We are a service to Vendors, Distributors, and Resellers!


Vendors-  Vendors need fast, easy access to Resellers through Distributors.  DistiNow ensures that your products show in the Distributor's catalog and website correctly and completely.  Communication from the Disti/Resellers on their order status is key, and DistiNow stays on top of that with SLAs.  Of critical importance, DistiNow, also ensures that your payment is timely and correct!  Lastly, we act as your account manager to ensure that your initiatives are presented.

Distributors-  Most vendors can get lost in the huge infracture, so DistiNow uses their years of experience to help you to navigate and optimize the opportunities that being in a large distributor offers.  Accurate and timely communication and tracking may be the highest value-add that DistiNow brings to our partnerships.

Resellers-  DistiNow can be the make/break point to completing a deal.  Making the connections between Vendors and Distributors work seamlessly is critical to the success of the DistiNow business model.  Resellers prefer to buy through their distributor partner, and DistiNow makes it all happen.



Our LeadershipTeam

Denise Lewis
Director of Business Development

Tel: 949-388-8162 x205

Laurie Sandfer

Tel: 949-388-8162 x203


About Us

With over 50 years of combined experience in the IT business, and 28 years of experience working in distribution, Shawn Houshmand (right) and Steve Cason (left) co-founded Distinow.  With a deep knowledge of the channel, and the needs at every level for every partner, they fill a large gap in the channel.


They founded DistiNow in 2011 to provide a service to all players in the channel- Distributors, Vendors, and Resellers- that will facilitate bringing your products to market quickly, effectively, and efficiently.

About Us
Rob Mallak
Director of Operations
(The Magician behind the Curtain)
Unknown Man
Rob's Doppelganger

Tel: 949-388-8162 x207



940 Calle Amanecer Suite E, San Clemente, CA   92673​

Tel:  949-388-8162


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